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Billing FAQ Learn how to manage and change your Stitch subscription plan, enter payment details, view invoices, and cancel your account in this Billing FAQ.
Getting Started with Stitch In just minutes, you can get your Stitch data pipeline up and running. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.
Inviting & Deactivating Team Members Invite your team members to collaborate in Stitch. When someone leaves your company, learn how to remove them from your account.
Security FAQ We take securing your data seriously. Here’s what we do to ensure that your private data stays private and our recommended best practices for protecting your…
Stitch Destinations After your data is replicated, you’ll need a place to store it. Stitch supports some of the most popular databases currently available for use as data wareho…
Stitch Integrations Use Stitch’s native database & SaaS, Import API, or webhook integrations to connect and replicate your data.
Stitch Referral Program Want to add extra rows to your account? The Stitch Referral Program allows you to earn millions of extra rows per month, for free!
Understanding & Reducing Your Row Usage Learn the basics of Stitch billing, how to view & understand your usage, mitigate overages, and keep your row count low.