We’re unable to connect to your [name] integration. Please verify that our IP is whitelisted and we’re not blocked by a firewall.

If you’ve received the above error or are having having connection issues with an integration, the root cause may be an improperly configured firewall or incorrect port setting.

Verifying Stitch’s IP Addresses are Whitelisted

For database and some SaaS integrations (see the next section), you need to whitelist Stitch’s IP addresses to ensure we can access your data source. The majority of connection errors can be attributed to a failure to list our IP addresses:

SaaS Integrations & IP Whitelisting

If you’re having connection issues with one of the following SaaS integrations, you may need to whitelist our IP addresses. Click the links below to view instructions specific to that integration.

Verifying Database Integration Port Settings

For database integrations, another common cause for connection trouble is an incorrect port in the page in Stitch.

Verify that the correct port is entered into the Port field by clicking into the integration from page, then clicking the button.

Contacting Support

If you’ve whitelisted our IP addresses and verified the correct port is being used and you’re still unable to connect to your integration, please reach out to support for assistance.

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