If you’ve noticed some missing columns or data from your data warehouse, the root cause may be NULL values.

Stitch Replication

When Stitch replicates your data, it uses the column’s data type to determine how to correctly store the data in your data warehouse. If a column only contains NULLs, Stitch won’t be able to infer the correct data type or store the data properly.

In short: when a column only contains NULLs, it won’t display inside Stitch or be replicated to your data warehouse. The only exception to this is during the INITIAL sync of an integration. During any subsequent syncs, columns filled with only NULLs will not be replicated.

Next Steps

If you notice some missing columns, we recommend checking to see if they contain only NULLs. If this is the case, should that column at any point contain non-NULL values in the future, the column will immediately be created in your data warehouse and populated with the non-NULL values.

Contacting Support

If you check the columns and find they contain values that are non-null, please reach out to support.

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